Best beach Zanzibar (Pongwe beach)

Best beach Zanzibar The warm Indian Ocean breaks on a Zanzibar archipelago reef, then gently ebbs and flows across blue water tranquility to arrive at Pongwe Beach: the best beach in Zanzibar. Pongwe beach rests on a stunning private cove at the back of a peaceful coral lagoon, where you can lay upon your comfy beach bed, threading your feet through white-powdery sand, while looking out across the turquoise oceans surrounding this elegant piece of paradise.

The back of the white-sand beach is shaded by a grove of tall palm trees, with strategically placed hammocks and loungers. So, if the midday sun gets too severe, the welcoming shade of the palm trees along with a sip of a freshly fallen coconut will cool you right down, in what is arguably the best place to park yourself on the whole of the island.

We searched the whole island high and low in the 90’s for the best beach Zanzibar and when we got to Pongwe, we knew we had found the perfect beach to build our eco hotel. The whole of Pongwe beach is protected by an offshore reef which keeps the inner waters calm and safe for all to swim in. Snorkeling and boat trips can also be arranged to the reef where you can view the Indian Ocean waves and see local fishermen picking shells and calamari as the tides gently roll in and out.

Trip Advisor: “…Paradise. Great snorkeling out on the reef. You can walk out for miles at low-tide, across the sandbars, and have the water depth range from your ankles to your shoulders and back down to your ankles again. The water is crystal clear, and the swimming is excellent… Bliss.”

Zanzibar beachThese tides are common to most beaches in Zanzibar. In Pongwe, this means the beach changes, allowing you to explore the waters beyond the sand and bask in the warm crystal clear pools that gather at low tide under a golden sun. But, if you want to stick closer to shore, the clean, cool, and fresh waters filling Pongwe Beach Hotel’s gorgeous infinity swimming pool will keep you refreshed as you relax around the pool with your favourite cocktail or fruit juice from the bar.

Pongwe Village

Accompanying the beach, Pongwe village is a sleepy, untouched village that has been less affected by tourism than many of the other Zanzibar beach villages. The locals are warm and friendly and they attract many guests to return to this corner of Zanzibar every year. Indeed, your vacation won’t be complete if you don’t get a nickname from the locals. Everyone, from the humble coconut juice seller to the hotel’s staff are hospitable and will suggest you a great name, a name that will serve to keep reminding you of the timeless memories in the magical Pongwe beach: the best beach Zanzibar.