Zanzibar’s tropical climate is predictable and, depending on your preferences, dictates the tourist season and best time of year to visit Zanzibar. Rainy season kicks off around late March and until May heavy rains can be expected almost daily with many businesses closing for the season. However, the sun still regularly shines during rainy season and the temperature lowers to around 25°C which you may find more tolerable than the height of Dry season when temperatures average around 32°C but with a considerable humidity factor. However, this heat is countered by the Indian Ocean breeze that provides a welcoming relief, especially felt on the East coast in places such as the beautiful Pongwe beach where people come to cool off.

Best time of year to visit Zanzibar

Coming out of the rainy season, July sees Stone Town host the Zanzibar International Film Festival. This time of year is when temperatures begin to increase but are still comfortable. However, between August and March are the best time of year to visit Zanzibar as this offers the ideal climate.

Undoubtedly, February is the best time of year to visit Zanzibar. The Zanzibar music festival Sauti za Busara (Swahili for “Sounds of Wisdom”) takes place around 9-12th February every year and brings an influx of artists and tourists from across the globe who gather in Stone Town  for a four day African music bonanza that celebrates Zanzibar’s rich cultural and musical tradition.

February is also the best time of year to visit Zanzibar as it offers the ideal climate when temperatures begin to decline, while the rain hasn’t quite set in yet. However, if you are looking for peace and solitude and to get away from the festival crowd, February is still the best time of year to visit Zanzibar… simply come to the East coast where Pongwe Beach remains a vessel of tropical paradise where you can bathe and relax at your leisure.