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Stone Town

Stone Town – Zanzibar – The world heritage site information and details about visiting.

Zanzibar Spice Tour

More information about the world famous Zanzibar spice tour; available as a day activitity from Pongwe beach hotel

Getting to Zanzibar

Looking for options on Getting to Zanzibar.. ferry details and flight details to visit the magical Zanzibar.

Top 5 tours Zanzibar

Are you looking for the best tours in Zanzibar – read our list of top 5 tours zanzibar

Zanzibar Location

Looking for Zanzibar Location- ever wondered where this paradise island is situated with its tropical climate.

Sauti za Busara – Zanzibar Music Festival

In February of every year, the Sauti za Busara (Swahili for “Sounds of Wisdom”) Zanzibar music festival brings an explosion of East African music and culture to the shores of Zanzibar.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar’s history has been defined by the importance of the spice trade to its economy, giving it the nickname “the Spice Islands”. Sultans rose and fell based on how they controlled the lucrative supply of cloves to the world, and the Zanzibari people continue the grow all kinds of spice for day to day eating and trading as well as many other uses.

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